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LT101 and HTS900 Training

LTS101 Turboshaft Line Maintenance

This course is designed to give students the required knowledge and experience to diagnose and rectify the LTS101, or HTS900, engine and supporting systems to the maintenance manual level. This course includes an in-depth lecture, demonstration, and hands-on lab excercise to meet its designed goal. A
description of procedures for replacement of components unique to the aircraft will be discussed. This
course does not include internal engine maintenance or performance of Hot Section Inspection.


Up Coming Training Course Dates

January: 15th-18th

February: 26th-1st

March: 12th-15th

April: 16th-19th

May: 21st-24th

June: 18th-21st

July: 16th-19th

August: 20th-23rd

September: 17th-20th

October: 15th-18th

November: 19th-22nd

December: No Class